“Other prominent researchers who have submitted erroneous disclosures include Dr. Robert J. Alpern, the Dean of the Yale School of Medicine, who failed to disclose in a 2017 journal article about an experimental treatment developed by Tricida that he served on that company’s board of directors and owned its stock. Tricida, which is developing therapies for Chronic Kidney Disease, had financed the clinical trial that was the subject of the article.

Studies have found that industry-sponsored research tends to be more positive than research financed by other sources. And that in turn can sway which treatments become available to patients.

“They really are falsifying the information that others rely on to assess that research,” he said. “Money is a very powerful influencer, and people’s opinions become subtly biased by that financial relationship.”

The New York Times: What These Medical Journals Don’t Reveal: Top Doctors’ Ties to Industry